The National Guard is being deployed to numerous states across America to replace unvaccinated medical workers who were fired from hospitals for refusing Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.”

In Indiana, the Indianapolis-based Indiana University Health, the state’s largest hospital system, has requested that National Guard troops take over the posts of medical workers at all facilities except for Riley Children’s Hospital. Hospitalizations in the Hoosier State have reportedly jumped by 47 percent over the past two weeks.

“As COVID cases continue to increase and hospitalization of COVID and non-COVID patients reach all-time highs, the demand, and strain on IU Health’s team members, nurses and providers have never been greater,” IU Health said in a statement to Becker’s Hospital Review.

“To best support our team members and patients, IU Health will leverage all available resources and enlist members of Indiana’s National Guard, in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Health, to assist in areas of critical need.”

Teams of six National Guard troops with both clinical and nonclinical members will be deployed to IU Health hospitals in two-week increments.

In Maine, Gov. Janey Mills is supplying about 75 National Guard troops to fill non-clinical support roles, including at the Portland-based Maine Medical Center (MMC).

MMC CMO Dr. Joel Botler issued a statement claiming that his facility “has had no critical care beds available” after more than six operating rooms had to be shut down in addition to six others that had been closed previously due to the system’s jab mandates.

Militarization of American health care is well underway

Over the next few weeks, New Hampshire will be doing much of the same after Gov. Chris Sununu told reporters at a press conference that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is deploying a 24-person team to help out at hospital facilities across the “Live Free or Die” state.

In New York, the new Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that 120 National Guard troops will be deployed to “overburdened” nursing homes, as well as to 32 hospitals that now have limited capacity due to her injection decrees.

“The state defined limited capacity as below 10 percent staffed bed capacity, or as determined by the health department based on regional and healthcare utilization factors,” reported Zero Hedge.

“New daily COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state have climbed 33 percent over the last two weeks, according to data tracked by the New York Times.”

Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, and New York are just the first four of likely many American states that will be bringing in the troops to handle the onslaught of fully vaccinated patients expected to flood emergency rooms after their “vaccines” take full effect.

“‘They’re not just bad people; they’re criminals’ – Pfizer CEO God-King Albert Bourla, on people who refuse to take his company’s COVID ‘vaccine,’” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter about Bourla the tyrant’s recent statement against health freedom.

“I told you they were going to use martial law before the implants/digital totalitarianism slave monetary system,” responded another.

“Create a problem – try to fix the problem – tax to fix the problem – declare war on the problem – adopt the problem to last forever: this is how your government works,” wrote another about how this is all so obviously scripted to maximize medical martial law and the growing police state.

“I’m in New Hampshire and it’s amazing how we didn’t have a staffing shortage before they fired everyone that didn’t take the jab!” noted yet another. “This can all go away if the mandates END!”

HEALTH INSURANCE could be outlawed for the unvaccinated in Illinois

Rep. Jonathan Carroll, a Democrat from Illinois, has introduced new legislation to deny all unvaccinated residents in the state of health care coverage.

If passed, the bill would require that everyone who refuses to get injected with spike proteins for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) be denied coverage and forced to pay all of their own medical expenses out of pocket.

The legislation states that “a person who is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and chooses not to be vaccinated shall pay for health care expenses out-of-pocket if the person becomes hospitalized because of COVID-19 symptoms.”

Since covid symptoms include pretty much anything, any person who rejects the injections could be forced to suffer and potentially die if they are unable to pay for a serious medical procedure with his or her own funds.

“For the people that are vaccinated, it’s getting very frustrating that people aren’t and we’re seeing the numbers are spiking again,” Carroll complained to the corporate media, fully admitting that his bill has no practical effect other than to punish people for refusing to roll up their sleeves.

“We’re seeing new variants are popping up,” Carroll added.

When did medical fascism become a Democrat virtue?

These new variants, it turns out, are only being “caught” and spread by the fully vaccinated. Carroll did not mention this fact in his media tirade, instead choosing to blame the unvaccinated.

Democrats all over social media, meanwhile, praising Carroll for being stunning and brave. Occupy Democrats, for instance, called on its Twitter followers to retweet the announcement “IF YOU THINK THAT YOUR STATE SHOULD DO THE SAME!”

“If you’re a Democrat who supports the bill that Illinois just filed to force the unvaccinated to pay for their own hospitalization costs out of pocket, and are looking for the latest breaking news, please retweet and follow our account to be immediately notified when we tweet!” the group added.

Numerous people responded, including one guy who said he is “proud to be an Illinoisan.” Another called for the unvaccinated to be locked down “so the rest of us can live our lives.”

“I’m surprised insurance companies haven’t already started doing this,” wrote another, apparently misunderstanding that this is not insurance companies making the call but rather a rogue Democrat.

“As medical professionals, we’re fed up w losing dedicated Drs, Nurses & support staff to ignorance,” whined another, blaming the poor health of many medical workers on people who choose not to get vaccinated.

“Provide the unvaxxed the second tier of support. Triage them below everyone else. But make ins pay for their care & let them pay higher premiums for risking our lives dammit!”

So stunning and brave.

Similar calls for medical apartheid are coming out of Germany where human geneticist Wolfram Henn, who sits on Germany’s Ethics Council, recently made a remark about how he believes that unvaccinated people should be denied all medical services, including basic health care.

“Whoever wants to refuse the vaccination outright, he should please also carry a document with the inscription: ‘I don’t want to be vaccinated!’” Henn is quoted as saying, proposing a papers, please type of scenario for the “new normal.”

“I want to leave the protection against the disease to others! I want, if I get sick, to leave my intensive care bed and ventilator to others.”

Henn added that he expects people to just obey the government and not question any of this. He then proceeded to mock the unvaccinated, calling on them to “go to the nearest hospital and present their conspiracy theories to the doctors and nurses who have just come from the overcrowded intensive care unit completely exhausted.”

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