The ruling class and their mainstream media puppets are now telling the German people that they are going to have a “really terrible Christmas” unless they bow to their masters, obey the orders, and just get the shots. The fear-mongering is never-ending, but at least many people are figuring out this scam.

We know they need everyone to take these shots to get their agenda of totalitarian domination completely set. So we should also know that the fear-mongering and propaganda will not end until they reach their goal, or people stop believing in the lie of authority.

“We are currently heading toward a serious emergency,” Lothar Wieler,  the director of the Robert Koch Institute, stated, adding “we are going to have a really terrible Christmas if we don’t take countermeasures now.” He added that hospitals are already struggling to find enough beds, according to a report by RT. And we can trust that, right? Afterall:

And what’s the reason for the fear-mongering? You guessed it. More vaccines:

Wieler has called for a campaign for a further increase in vaccine uptake, from the current 67% to well over 75%.

The disease institute director also believes bars, nightclubs, and other large-scale venues should be temporarily forced to close, while other areas of public life would be off-limits to the unvaccinated.

On Thursday, the country’s vaccine advisory board, STIKO, recommended that booster shots be made available to everyone above the age of 18, in an attempt to counter waning immunity levels. -RT

Their agenda is obvious. They are desperate to get this shot in people. If they don’t they will punish those who continue to refuse to obey their commands. German leaders are even pondering new restrictions to replace the nationwide epidemic rules, which could include a lockdown of the unvaccinated, following measures already taken in neighboring Austria.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. They have told us their end game.

The ruling class is telling us to our faces that they won’t stop this phony charade until the entire population of the globe submits to the COVID-19 vaccine. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said on Friday that “the pandemic is not over until all people in the world have been vaccinated.”

Merkle says that in addition to sending money, wealthy countries should also share their COVID vaccines with poorer nations. Speaking after a video conference of leaders of the G7 group of large developed economies, Merkel said they had not discussed specific percentages of their vaccine stocks that should be given to poorer countries, according to a report by Reuters. 

The simple question we should all be asking is does the vaccine work? If it does, why does everyone need to be vaccinated? Let those who don’t get it get sick.  If it doesn’t, then what is the real reason why everyone needs to be vaccinated?  Most of the ruling class, including top medical tyranny Dr. Anthony Fauci, has admitted you can still get COVID-19 if you’ve been vaccinated. So that answers all the pertinent questions for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

We all should have plenty of evidence to know this vaccine is not about our health or the health of anyone.  It’s about control and oppression.

Meaning they will continue to destroy everyone’s lives until we willingly submit to our own enslavement.  Wake up, people.  They aren’t even making an attempt to hide it anymore.  They demand our oppression and this will continue until the people of Earth wake up to the truth that there is no such thing as authority.  No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave. Calling it “government” doesn’t change that foundational truth.

Stay aware of what these people continue to say. They are showing their hand and it’s forcing many to wake up to the illusion of freedom.

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